"fuel saver"
Here we have some more fuel saving devices for you. They work
individually, but can also help during the usage of hho systems.

each product we researched and road tested for you, with real

The results are stunning and vary between 10% and 20% fuel saving.
We offer this fuel saving devices at club conditions for you.

Enjoy the fuel savings.
Hydro Tuning Club
The Tornado

For Carburetor and Injector Vehicles available.

Light aluminum with a high efficiency.
The air is being turned into a high vortex, easy for the engine to take in and burn the fuel much easier.
The gasoline will be burned much faster and more complete.

The fuel savings range between 5-15%
The results are even better by using our hydro system.

This is probably the easiest way to save gas. Just plug and play.

For just $19 including shipping, you save fuel right away.

Please tell us the diameter of your vehicles air intake and if it is a carburetor or a injector vehicle.
The Turbonator Fan

The Turbonator, similar to the Tornado spinns the air into a vortex. There for the gasoline will be burned more completely and faster. The Turbonator also spins itself, what gives an air pressure towards the intake  in between short accelerations (city driving), where power is needed quickly.

When you order, please make sure to let us know the diameter of the air intake of your vehicle.

Most customers give us a feedback of 10% fuel savings, but also the feeling of more power during accelerations.

The Turbonator is suitable for all Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid, LPG and HHO vehicles.
Not for electic, or carburator vehicles.

For just $42 plus shipping you start saving every day.
FD-47 Powerbooster

The FD-47 increases a vehicle’s miles per gallon (MPG) through power conditioning of the vehicle’s electrical systems. Conditioned and clean power allows the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU), fuel injection and engine timing equipment to operate more efficiently. When the vehicles engine runs more efficiently it will require less fuel, produce more power and have reduced exhaust emissions (reduced CO2). As a vehicle matures, the power systems tend to generate and experience more electrical noise or electrical interference.  This noise can have many detrimental effects on the vehicle’s systems and decrease their efficiency.  The FD-47 simply plugs into the lighter socket/power port and the power conditioning qualities of the FD-47 help to reduce and remove this noise and to restore your vehicle’s efficiency.
Fuel Magnets

With this high powered magnet the fuel molrcules are stirred up into an excited state and let the fuel burn faster and more complete.

For all vehicle: Diesel, Gasoline, CNG, HHO
Not for Electric-, or Hybrid vehicles.

Price: $49.00 plus shipping & handling
only $59 including shipping
Spark Plugs Amplifier

The spark plug amplifier get's your spark to the top and saves your fuel

The spark will be 100 times brighter and get's your fuel mileage up.
The burn will be cleaner and especially by using HHO gas supplementary you will increase the torque and acceleration.

Fit's universal on all vehicles.
Not for Electricvehicles.

Price: $349.00