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After starting in 2001 with excessive research & experimenting with HHO, we develop our very own HHO Dry Cells since 2003. Right now it is the most effective Hydrogen Generator available on the market. More than 8MMW, less amps and more pure quality a gas than previous cell designs.
With the measurements of just 4x4 you will easy find great spots to mount it in your car. We have seen bigger cells (some with even less out put), what makes it very hard to supplement a engine with it, or even find a good spot in the engine compartment for placement.

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HC1000 "budget" series (with 316L stainless steel plates)
Hydro Tuning edition
Great deal for a tight budget. As allways, absoulte highest quality material:
clear heavy duty black end plates (no bending, no leaking!!)
heavy duty flat gaskets (worry free winter months/ anty freeze resitstance)
stainless steel bolts, washers & nuts (no corrosion)

4x4inches / 9plates / 8cells
12VDC to 24VDC
HHO Production approx: 1.5 LPM @ 15A (with 12VDC)
Max*: up to 3LPM @ 35A (with accessories)
easy mounting plates
No overheating & NO leaking!!

online price:
$248.00 plus shipping!
The HC (Hydro Club) original (until supply lasts)
NO modification
Like all our dry cells with just 4x4 inches, you will easy find a spot to install. It will fit in every vehicle.
(more info)

HHO Gas production: 1.2 Liter/minute @ 12A
Max: up to 2.5 LPM @ 30A with PWM
easy mount plates
4x4x4 inches
9 plate design (-nnn+nnn-) stainless steel 316L

online Price:
--- discontinued ----

The "Schneider" Dry Cell Design Quattro

This cell is no toy!
With up to 10LPM this cell is one of the most powerful dry cell combination on the market.

There are different options to configure the cell.

Available in: 316L Stainless Steel / Titanium Cathodes / Full Titanium Version

8x8x3 inches / 9plates / 8cells
12VDC to 24VDC
HHO Gas production approx: 7.5LPM @ 75A 12VDC
Max*: 10LPM @ 90A (with accessories)
easy mount plates
No overheating & NO leaking!!

online price:
starting at $998.00 (assembled, Y-hose connected, tested & ready to go)
DIY Dry Cell (all models available unassembled)

with measurements not more than 4x4x3 inches this cell is one of the most effective dry cells on the market.

The DIY Version comes unassembled, to save you money. Simply build your own dry cell, we deliver the parts and instructions.
This version is available in: HC1000 / HCTitan / HCT"active" all high flow, double inlet and outlet equipped! equipped!

(see specific details of the assembled versions)

Comes with:
2 pre drilled aluminum mounting brackets,
2 colored wing nuts,
2 high durable black end plates
10 EPDM flat gaskets
9 plates (material as chosen),
2 barb nozzles (3/8, 90degrees),
4 stainless steel bolts,
4 stainless steel lock nuts,
4 stainless steel nuts,
10 stainless steel washers
installation video

online Price:
starting from $189.00 (unassembled)
HCTitan Dry Cell (2 titan cathodes)

This unit produces clean form of hho gas, due to it's pure titanium plates as cathodes. No more brown water. Clean water means clean gas and this it better for a great burn.

HHO gas produced with titanium plates (not MMO coated) is  more effective and cleaner than with stainless steel.
This unit needs less amps and produces more effective gas.
(click here for more info on differences Ti vs. SS)

4x4inches / 9plates / 8cells (Ti cathodes/SS anode & neutrals)
12VDC to 24VDC
HHO Production approx: 1.5 LPM @ 15A (with 12VDC)
Max. recommended amp: 20A
easy mounting plates
No overheating & NO leaking!!

online price:
$311.00 (ensambled, tested & ready to go)

hho titanium cathodes dry cell
Dry Cell Design
Our unbeatable, maintenance free dry cell design prevents over heating and provides the highest LPM (Liter Per Minute) HHO gas out put by using low amps.

HCT "active" dry cell
With purchase of every cell, or kit, we provide a great email support for installation, or other questions (of course). The installation manual is in English & German available.
You need more HHO gas per minute? Simply add more dry cells, as many you want, or alternator permits.
(more info about dry cells and designs (the TRUTH about HHO dry cells))

We always use the highest quality materials for our dry cells. They will never let you down. Each dry cell is quality hand crafted, 100psi pressure tested and inspected before we ship them. Our guaranty: our cells never leak and produce the promised amount of hho gas!!

We have different plate GRADES to choose from, depending on your budget:
hho stainless steeel 316L dry cell
active titanium dry cell no 316L no MMO
HCT "active" Titan Dry Cell (full titan version)
our new flag ship
This unit produces the cleanest form of hho gas, due to it's pure titanium and activated titan material. No more brown water! Clean water means clean gas and this it better for a great burn. No hexavalent chromium! Non toxic! Works with non toxic sodium sulfate!
10.000 hrs, or 500.000 miles life span!

HHO gas produced with activated titanium plates (not MMO coated) is 2-4 times more effective than with stainless steel.
This unit needs less amps and produces 33% more effective gas than similar titanium dry cells ("X2" model from sXXXXXo.com).
(click here for more info on Ti vs. SS)

4x4inches / full titanium "activated" 9plate / 8cell (all plates from Ti)
12VDC to 24VDC
HHO Production: most reactive Orthohydrogen gas, pure & clean;
never brown water; most effective dry cell available
easy mounting plates
No overheating, no cooling devices needed! 
No anti foam (or conditioner) agent needed!! NO leaking!!

online price: (retails for $749.00)
now just $623.00 (assembled, tested & ready to go)

choose the material
choose the material
hho dry cell
titanium dry cell for hho
hho full titanium generator
Previous Dry Cell Version (not for sale)
New high flow version (2 inlet, 2 outlet) runs extreme cool
Clear end plates just for demonstration purposes!