EFIE / O2 Sensor Regulators
brand NEW--- the HHO EFIE performance chip ---brand NEW

An EFIE is important and absolutely necessary for injector vehicles, 
to get the total fuel saving results you are looking for.
Since most of the cars today are equipped with an ECU (Bord computer) and therefor different sensors to regulate the air/fuel ratio, you need to "help" the electronics when using HHO supplementary in your vehicle.

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Then you need this:
This ALL IN ONE Display EFIE is one of the best choices for your HHO project and you will be able to do exact adjustments.
It is easy done with pushing the buttons. Using a Display EFIE gives you the right information about how much the O2 Sensor is adjusted by you.
Installation manual in member area, online available.

The Display EFIE allows you to control and easily adjust 
up to two O2 Sensors, 
and MAF/MAP sensor.

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Your vehicle has one or two O2 Sensor in the exhaust pipe before the cat, based on milli Volt signals? You want to hook up a PWM and, or a MAF/MAP Regulator as well?
comes without box
Your vehicle has one O2 Sensor in the exhaust pipe before the cat, based on milli Volt signals? (you need one digital EFIE for each O2 sensor)
Works also as a MAF or MAP sensor, in the air intake of your vehicle!

brand NEW: Hydro AFR Tuning Center fine tune your Hydro System like a pro
Your vehicle has up to 4 O2 Sensors in the exhaust pipe (2 before & 2 after the catalytic converter, for Narrow band and Wide band available AND a MAF/MAP sensor (or both) and you want to go to the extreme HHO tuning to gain the maximum on fuel savings? This is the right EFIE for you.
Then you need this: The Hydro AFR Tuning Center
This Control Center lets you adjust up to 4x O2 Sensor of your vehicle, 1x MAF/MAP, 1x IAT, 1x CTS for fine tuning and ignition timing adjustment.
Installation manual in member area, online available.

This EFIE allows you to adjust 
up to 4 O2 Sensor, MAF/MAP sensor, 
IAT, CTS for timing tuning
comes w/o box.

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starting at $ 199,- (plus shipping)
Your vehicle has one or more O2 Sensor in the exhaust pipe before the cat, based on 
frequency, OR milli Volt signals?
Then you need this:
This EFIE lets you adjust one O2 Sensor of your vehicle.
Installation manual in member area, online available.

This EFIE allows you to adjust 
one O2 Sensors, 

Online price
just $ 11,-

(plus shipping)
Your vehicle has one or two O2 Sensor in the exhaust pipe before the cat, based on milli Volt signals and a MAF/MAP and IAT sensor? (this is a "budget version" of our AFR Tuning Center below)
Then you need this:
This digital EFIE lets you adjust up to 2 O2 Sensors of your vehicle, 1 MAF/MAP sensor and 1 IAT (no CTS)
Installation manual in member area, online available.

This EFIE allows you to adjust 
up to 2 O2 Sensors, 1 MAF/MAP, 1 IAT

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just $ 69.00 each

(plus shipping)
We have different EFIE for your project, depending on the vehicle. In order to make the right choice you need to know what kind of O2 sensor is in the exhaust pipe of your vehicle. You can easily find out by calling the car dealer of your brand.
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Product Description
HHO enthusiasts swear by our time tested Chips. 
After the recent upgrade, 
we've come close to the limitations of the hardware. 
So we've taken your feedback and suggestions, 
along with the powerful VP12 hardware, 
to build the newest in the line up - The HHO Hydro Tuning Edition!

Please read this description carefully before making a purchase.

The HHO EFIE Chip (HEC) is our newest performance chip, 
based on the powerful VP12.

This chip has been specifically tuned for the needs of HHO generator 
equipped vehicles. The HEC is dynamic - which means the HEC will 
consider oxygen levels in the exhaust, along with engine speed and 
load, intake air temperature and volume, and many other variables 
to determine the most efficient fuel delivery rate and timing at up
to 256 separate load points.

When using HHO as a fuel supplement, the HEC will adjust fuel delivery and timing to optimize efficiency.

When HHO is disabled, the HEC will automatically re-adjust and switch to highly efficient, non-HHO enhanced maps.

The HEC is a vehicle specific, custom programmed 20MHz Microcontroller. It utilizes its high speed serial input/output to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port.

Recommended modifications :
- K&N or equivalent non-restrictive intake
- HHO (Oxyhydrogen) Supplement Generator for maximum gains.

The HEC is compatible with factory equipped Turbo/Superchargers, diesel engines, Flex-Fuel, & HHO supplement systems.
It is NOT compatible with hybrid engine options, propane, or natural-gas.

Is this the right one for my engine?
The HEC has room for up to 8 performance maps, which we use to cover different engine options for a particular vehicle. For example, the 1999 Ford Mustang HEC Chip will be compatible with both the 3.8L V6 and the 4.6L V8. The HEC will read the first few bytes of data from your ECU during calibration to determine which map to use.

Whats the difference between the normal Chip and the HEC-Hydro Tuning Ed.?
The HEC is much faster than the regular Chip, which means faster & more consistent gains. The HEC also sports more memory than the regular Chip, so we are able to include more HHO specific coding.

The online price just
$129.00 plus shipping & handling, or get your complete HHO conversion kit here.

The brand new solution for the headache of ECU and 
O2 Sensor tuning is here!!!
Finally we got a unique chip customized for your vehicle.
Your vehicle has an OBDII socket? That's great!!! No matter how many or what kind of O2 sensors your vehicle has, this Chip takes off the guess work. No adjustment needed. The chip does it all for you.

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Multi Sensor Adj.
If you consider yourself a more experienced HHO guy and agree that it is important to adjust ALL neccessary AFR  sensors on your vehicle, than look here.
Then you need this: DIGITAL EFIE / DEFIE for Wide and Narrowband
This digital EFIE lets you adjust one O2 Sensor or MAf, or MAP sensor 
of your vehicle.
Installation manual in member area, online available.
This digital EFIE allows you to adjust 
one O2 Sensors (wide or narrow band), or 1 MAF, or 1 MAP sensor
with a push of a button, easy installation

Online price
just $ 69,-
(plus shipping)
- fits all gasoline vehicles with any type of o2 sensors,
- temp. switch (ON when engine is in operating temp.
- when OFF = vehicle is back to it's factory settings
- with this device our installers are able to fine tune the systems to get 100% mpg gains and more.
- be able to adjust ALL sensors involved in the AFR, to gain max power
When supplement HHO to your engine, there is more oxygen (air) in the exhaust of your vehicle, since burning HHO gas result in water and air out of the exhaust.
This state of more air in the exhaust is very good, the emissions are much cleaner, but the O2 sensors and the ECU are not intelligent. They "think" it is a bad thing and the computer is injecting now more fuel into the engine than before, to richen out the ratio.
That's why we need to "adjust" the signals coming from the O2 sensor to the ECU, so there is no increase of fuel injection.
Again, you will need the right EFIE and you will have the fuel saving you are looking for.
budget version (narrow band)