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We are the #1 supplier when it comes to innovative HHO Hydrogen Generators, HHO Kits and HHO accessories.

All our products are road tested and proven to be working to increase your fuel mileage.

We are also the only company with unlimited miles warranty on our
full titanium hydrogen generators HCT"active".

Save Fuel, Think Smart
SAVE Up To 30%With Every Gas Fill Up &
Be Environmentally Friendly

Extend Your Mileage By 50%
Smartest way to use Gasoline and Diesel
Less emissions and oil changes, more mileage and speed!

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Your HHO Conversion Kit

Hydro Tuning's HHO Conversion Kit

HHO is a hydrogen-oxygen compound. HHO gas is produced by a simple process of electrolysis- If you apply a DC current into water, it is being split up into its elements; hydrogen and oxygen

Hydro Tuining's HHO Systems have small HHO generators filled with water and connected to a small water reservoir. This system uses the electrolysis process to produce HHO gas while you are driving. The power needed for this is taken from your vehicle’s battery-only 15 amps!
When introduced into the combustion chamber of any engine, HHO helps to burn the fuel fully and in a cleaner way.
*It also burns as a self-contained fuel supplementing and replacing a certain amount of gasoline

Smart Things About HHO Systems
  • Our HHO Systems run smoothly and with no sound at all! No one but you will even know it's there.
  • Your engine will burn much cleaner and the exhaust fumes are less pollutant to the environment.
  • Easy installation. Plug and play!
  • Smartest of all: HHO Systems use WATER

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Your HHO Conversion Kit

Why am I not aware of HHO?
It would probably be hard to believe that HHO has been around since year 1800! Unfortunately, it is under-rated.                    
Hydro Tuning gives you the smartest choices for saving fuel and being environmentally friendly while not even compromising on speed and mileage.

Why Should I trust Hydro Tuning?
Our mission is to save you fuel and money by supplying and installing reliable and eco-friendly products for your vehicle at competitive prices. We have solutions that make a real difference to the environment and your savings. If you still have concerns you can 

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"I was really annoyed with the rise in gasoline prices. My wife didn’t want to switch to any other kind of fuel because she had been driving a gasoline-powered car for years. That is when I ordered an HHO conversion kit from Hydro Tuning for her car. We started saving fuel and money in no time."
Kevin. L, – Ashburn, VA

“Only recently I ordered the Hydro Tuning HHO Conversion Kit online. It is such a great way to save up on gasoline prices. Best part: I’m eco-friendly now but I’m still using gasoline - AWESOME!”
Davis. D, - Springfield

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Your HHO Conversion Kit

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